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Products That Support Independent Living

The Medical Alert Recommended By Over 65,000 Healthcare Providers

Philips Lifeline is the leading provider of medical alert services, having served over 6 million subscribers during their three decades of experience. That experience has earned their medical alert systems the trust, respect, and recommendations of healthcare providers. Lifeline will immediately connect you to emergency paramedic services, if needed. In the event of a serious but not life-threatening fall, and upon your directive, Lifeline will also contact a family member or friend to help you get back on your feet.  
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Reduce the Risk of Dangerous Errors with a Medication Dispenser

The Philips Medication Dispensing Service provides an easy-to-use automatic pill dispenser to maintain proper medication schedules. Medication management is simplified with an automatic pill dispenser that uses an audio reminder and alerts the subscriber when the medication is to be administered. The pill organizer makes management of medication easier for caregivers because it is connected to the subscriber’s telephone line and will contact the caregiver or family member if any scheduled medication is missed.
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Help Keep Track of Your Loved Ones with a Personal Locator

The Freedom GPS Watch is a personal locator ideal for senior safety. Worn on the wrist, it identifies the wearer's position instantly. An innovative new technology called 'Geo-Fencing' allows you to create a virtual barrier by defining physical boundaries. Once a zone is crossed, the handheld control receiver, in possession of a caregiver, will flash red while an audible buzzer alert sounds. The alert is also sent via email and mobile phone text, notifying caregivers and family that the wearer has wandered past a zone's limits.
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The CookStop Prevents Electric Stoves from Starting Fires

CookStop is a fire prevention device that automatically shuts off electric stoves after a predetermined period of time. Stove fire prevention is as easy as pressing "Cook" and "Stop" buttons. Pre-set cook times can be locked and only reset with a special tool. Stoves with the CookStop installed can also be "locked out" during specified time periods. The CookStop is essential for peace of mind concerning independent living of disabled subscribers or for senior home care.
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